Frequenty Asked Questions

File Setup

FTP (File Transfer Protocol) is a way to get access to files that anyone can download from a server on the internet. When our clients need information fast, we recommend using our FTP server to transfer files from the client to us, or vice versa.
A: Art files should be submitted in multi-page PDF format with bleed. Please make sure to review our artwork setup guides to make sure your artwork is set up correctly.

General Printing Questions

A: Usually, however this answer is largely dependent on the application being used. We can generally accept files created in any of the prominent graphics applications (Adobe and Quark). Many programs are still suited to a digital workflow and don't always work for high-end film imaging. Many Microsoft products (like Word) don't have or don't support functions that are needed for print. Please contact us prior to a project to find out if we can support your chosen application.

Printing Process

A: We do! Our pricing calculator can handle any custom sizes from the miniscule to the massive.

Other Questions

A: We do! We have hundreds of clients that need a barcode generated or reproduced because the barcode isn't at a resolution high enough to print properly, just be sure to provide the type of barcode needed and the barcode number with your project.

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