Employee Leadership Helps Achieve Industry Leading EHS Results

At RR Donnelley, we strive to continuously improve our safety and environmental performance. We do this by ensuring we have the programs, practices, and resources to help us protect our employees and visitors, and in preserving our environment. It means we want to achieve zero injuries and zero environmental incidents.

We start with a corporate EHS Policy applicable to all worldwide locations and that defines how we manage Environmental Health & Safety at RR Donnelley. To measure our conformance to this Policy, we have developed several Objectives.

The results we've seen and the progress we continue to enjoy comes down to a single factor - our people. The employees of RR Donnelley understand that safety and environmental protection is part of what each of us is supposed to do every day, every hour on the job. The dedication of our people to their own safety, the safety of their coworkers, and to the environment, is why we've seen higher and higher performance every year.

We won't be satisfied as long as any employee is hurt and we won't stop working to reduce our impact on the environment.

Environmental, Health and Safety Policy

October 2017

It is the policy of RR Donnelley to protect the health and safety of our employees, customers, and the public, and to conduct all activities in an environmentally responsible manner. We are committed to this policy worldwide as an integral part of being the world's premier business and marketing communications company.

Senior Corporate management shall ensure alignment of RR Donnelley's worldwide business strategy and operations with this Environmental, Health and Safety (EHS) policy and confirm the commitment of RR Donnelley to:

Furthermore, RR Donnelley will undertake to earn the public trust by communicating about our policies, programs and performance, and by advocating sound laws and regulations.

The Corporate Responsibility & Governance ("CRG") Committee of the Board of Directors maintains overall responsibility for EHS policies. The Corporate EHS Organization shall review this policy with this Committee on a periodic basis.

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