Cut & Stack Labels

Cut & Stack Labels are designed with efficiency of application and cost effective on long-run, high-volume items. Understanding the economy in low material costs (minimum water), low total applied cost, as well as from high-speed applications these labels can be produced on a wide assortment of substrates including paper (metalized and holographic), film (metalized and opaque), and eco grades as well as a comprehensive range of embellishments including foil stamping, embossing, striking metallic, stunning varnish effects and intricate shapes.

Through our dedication to development and continuous improvement, we are constantly investing in new technologies, materials and procedures to ensure we remain at the forefront of our industry, pioneering new standards for premium labels. From raw materials to finished goods, our team has focused efforts that help build brands and drive sales.

Wish-Bone EVOO
Decorative Technology: Cut & Stack
Print Technology: Lithographic


  • Lithography uses the premise that water and oil don’t mix
  • On press, the dampeners wet the entire plate, but only the non-image areas will get damp
  • The ink rollers transfer ink and are accepted in the image areas, but repelled by non-print areas
  • The image is then copied, or “offset”, from plate to another cylinder called the blanket. The blanket accepts the image and then transfers it to the substrate.

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